The Redevco Foundation

To provide more structure and governance to the company’s approach to social responsibility, in 2012 Redevco set up Redevco Foundation. The foundation formalises an important dimension to Redevco’s motto “Business in Balance”: the aim of finding an optimal balance between people, planet and profit, so that the present generation leaves the world a better place for the next.

Employee involvement

Redevco encourages its employees to spend one day each year volunteering for a charitable organisation of their choice. In addition, all Redevco employees are encouraged to propose charities or initiatives to support through the foundation

Clemens Brenninkmeijer, Head of Sustainable Business Operations and Managing Director, Redevco: “Our Redevco colleagues are very positive about this culture of wanting to be a responsible corporate citizen and giving back to society through our volunteering day and the donations made possible through Redevco Foundation. It also makes us an attractive employer to new hires. Personally, I see a real connection between the sustainability-related projects we are able to support and how, as a business, we can be a force for good and enable and hopefully encourage other parties in the real estate sector to be the same.”

In the past few years, it has been ramping up its support for initiatives that focus on sustainability in the built environment. It seeks to find and support sustainability initiatives within the wider real estate sector with potential for high impact across the sector and that would potentially not happen without funding from Redevco Foundation. This particular programme focuses on initiatives that aim to increase our understanding of and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon and circular-built environment.

Supported initiatives