Sustainable cities

As a business, we recognise that we have an impact on the communities where we are active, which affects our many stakeholders. It is our goal to fulfil our shareholder’s mission of “being a force for good, in both what we do and how we do it.”

The real estate sector is responsible for more than 40% of global energy consumption and emissions. As an industry player, we want to act responsibly, minimising our impact on the climate and the earth’s resources. By acting positively and through future-proofing our assets, we want to set an example. We strive to take our investor clients, tenants, employees and other partners with us as we continuously improve the environmental performance of our assets as well as our business operations.

We believe in what we call ‘Business in Balance’, a holistic approach encompassing people, the planet and profit. This principle guides our target-setting and decision-making, with the aim of striking the right balance between social impact, eco-friendliness and profitability.

We recognise that the challenges are great. If we are to have real impact, it is essential to frame our ambitions within the context of a global movement. We want to ensure that our business activities contribute positively to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an investment and asset manager of retail real estate, we see a natural connection to SDG 11: “Sustainable Cities and Communities” . We choose to invest in carefully selected cities and locations with enduring qualities that will appeal to future generations. In our opinion, these are places that will stand the test of time by successfully and responsibly combining the functions of living, working and leisure. We contribute to making these cities more sustainable by creating inspiring urban environments through our attractive retail buildings.

By continually raising our own sustainability targets for 2018 and beyond, we are confident about identifying and starting to implement measures that will contribute positively to other SDGs, such as SDG 12 on “Responsible Consumption and Production” and SDG 13 on “Climate Change.” We believe that we will have the greatest impact and make the world a better place by contributing to these SDGs. Working towards making our offices and our assets under management carbon neutral is an important first step towards achieving our ambitions and to have measurable impact. This is ambitious, yet it is critical since it is in line with the Paris Agreement goals of keeping the rise in global temperatures well below two degrees Celsius this century.