Redevco Foundation - sustainability programme

For over ten years we have been building a strong programme to improve the environmental performance of our assets under management and our business operations (see our previous Responsible Investment reports over the past years). Whilst our focus is clearly on making our own business more sustainable, we also believe in leading by example and showing the industry what is possible.

Therefore the Redevco Foundation has dedicated about a third of its annual budget to support projects that help our industry to become more sustainable. The long-term aim has been defined as “All commercial (retail) buildings are net zero carbon by 2050.” This is clearly hugely ambitious, yet we are convinced that projects and initiatives working on this challenge would generate the highest positive impact for our sector.

The Sustainability programme of the Redevco Foundation therefore aims to find projects that promote and catalyse initiatives within the commercial real estate sector with potentially high impact and which might not happen without our funding. This means that we support initiatives that aim to increase the understanding of and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon and circular built environment. In 2018, we supported successful projects with partners like Circle Economy, DGBC, The Student Hotel and Ecomatters and are always looking for more organisations to collaborate with.


Case studyClimate Neutrality for SME’s by Ecomatters:
The impact of climate change presents a significant challenge to the private sector, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Redevco Foundation teamed up with Ecomatters, an organisation specialised in sustainability. Ecomatters set up a pilot project with the aim of helping SMEs in becoming climate neutral by providing an implementation and action plan as tenants are integral to making retail buildings more sustainable. Supported by the Redevco Foundation, Ecomatters tested their approach with SME retailers from various sectors, such as: fashion, outdoor, tobacco and food.Using the results from this pilot, Ecomatters founded the Climate Neutral Foundation and has created three climate certificates for SMEs, including action plans for each certificate. The Redevco Foundation continues to support Ecomatters as it contributes directly to the ambition to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon and circular built environment. The aim is to have at least 1000 retailers enrolled in the programme by the end of next year (2020). Ecomatters is, amongst others, working closely with trade associations, municipalities and the Dutch Green Building Council in order to achieve this goal. More info on website Climate Neutral Foundation.

More info on website Climate Neutral Foundation.