Employee engagement

For our teams, 2018 continued to be about learning to work together in an organisation that has been restructured to meet the demands of our changed business model (effective March 1st, 2017). Against this backdrop, the main area of focus has been on improving skills across our platform, by offering a wealth of personal development opportunities, as well as by recruiting specific skills from the market and an enhanced onboarding programme to get our new colleagues “up and running” as quickly as possible.


We live and work in a dynamic world which requires constant learning and adaptation from us all.

In May of this year we therefore launched the Redevco Skills Builder. This 24/7 online learning portal offers a wide variety of training opportunities, with a direct link to our business needs. Strongly supported by the ExCo through video testimonials and specific calendar invites from the CEO to schedule time for learning, the feedback on our new learning portal has been very positive.

Through the Redevco Skills builder, we aim to strengthen our collective capability by stimulating an atmosphere of continuous learning throughout our organisation. The offering of the Redevco Skills Builder was designed based on an internal development needs assessment and takes into account the fact that we all learn in different ways; while some are triggered by visuals or videos, others may prefer listening to podcasts.

With the following modules live in 2018, we now have a varied learning offering available to all our employees:

  • New Heroes offers a broad foundation of generic skills training and is available to all Redevco employees. New Heroes is available 24/7 and tackles numerous topics, from giving feedback to creative thinking and consultative selling. The online journeys vary in length, to provide maximum flexibility to suit individual schedules.
  • IT Tooling Basics: the world of technology is a rapidly evolving one, with improvements and updates on a continuous basis. At Redevco, we are also constantly improving the tools and applications available to our people. But getting used to new functionalities is not always easy and we have noticed that it is not always clear how we should fully leverage the tools we have at our disposal, tools that can help us to work & collaborate more effectively as an organisation. This module was therefore designed as a quick & easy training to bring everyone up to speed, at their own pace, and to serve as a reference point for any questions. To emphasise how important it is that we all continue to upskill ourselves to remain effective in the workplace, the training was piloted by our country Management Teams and is mandatory for all employees.
  • E-Library: providing over 700 free eBooks (both audio and written) offering high-quality eBooks covering a wide range of categories such as Career Management, Communication & Presentation, Management & Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Office Software and Personal Development. Learning Tracks: Upon launch of our new learning and development portal, we also offered two 4-6 months interactive “competency tracks” designed to meet our needs at various levels in the organisation. “Myself & Others” focuses on creating greater personal impact within a network organization such as Redevco, and “My Team & I” geared towards improving leadership skills and style flexibility. With a mixture of various on and offline learning activities, and a 2-day classroom session, the feedback from the first 22 participants of these programmes has been very positive.
  • We use a variety of feedback channels and settings to communicate and listen to our employees. The Redevco Pulse is part of this “feedback mix”. We believe this is fitting in a world where there is constant two-way communication and information, both on- and offline. Our first Redevco Pulse had an 89% completion rate. The new, targeted and short survey format got a positive response. We scored 81% on our Engagement Index, which now serves as our KPI baseline.
  • A significant boost to employee engagement came through our International Event. A total of 175 employees enthusiastically took part in a fun 1.5-day team event that celebrated our transformation into a fully integrated investment manager. The key objectives were to help the global Redevco team become more client focused, enhance adaptability and flexibility, and to install an entrepreneurial mind-set. In addition, the activity we undertook to achieve the abovementioned objectives enabled us to raise money for local charity organisation Payasospital and we were able to offer this worthy charity an amount of €18,334.


Significant improvements were made to the standardised recruitment process, which now includes pre-employment screening and assessment steps, as well as onboarding activities as a new employee in the first year both online and in a classroom session in Amsterdam. With an average of 15-20 new colleagues joining us annually, Redevco’s new onboarding programme “Welcome on Board” was launched in 2018 as the “last stage” of recruitment, to provide a unique welcome to the organisation, strengthen our employee value proposition, and increase the long-term engagement of new colleagues joining the team.


2018 also saw our employees enthusiastically respond to the opportunity to provide feedback through the Redevco Pulse surveys consisting of:

  • Engagement Index: a single overall score that we can track over time with questions which give us a view on the overall level of engagement in the organisation
  • Global Redevco Priorities: themes relevant to the whole organisation determined by the ExCo.
  • Country-, Fund Management- or Corporate Services-specific questions, determined by each MD/MT

Our Engagement Index score remained stable at 84% in 2018. Although this is 1% under the target we set ourselves, we are pleased that this result shows that we have a highly engaged workforce. With an average 89% response rate, our Redevco Pulse surveys are also clearly appreciated as an opportunity to shape and influence ones own work experience by sharing thoughts & ideas.


2018 also saw the coming together of the Finance and Portfolio platforms in several joint meetings and activities in order to strengthen the cross-functional collaboration. The annual business planning cycle was kicked off in a joint meeting for example, and the Finance & Portfolio Directors were also brought together for a 2-day training as part of the “My Team & I” development programme. The entire Finance community also came together for a 2-day training in order to deepen their knowledge, share best-practices and get to know each other better as a team.



Redevco and its employees are active in a large number of organisations across Europe. We believe in sharing our knowledge and do so via active participation and membership. We are members of the Green Building Councils (e.g. UKGBC, DGBC), National Scheme Operators for BREEAM in Europe (e.g. DGBC, BREEAM ES), National Councils of Shopping Centres (e.g. NRW, REVO, BLSC, CNCC, GCSC), as well as the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and many other local organisations (e.g. BPF, IVBN, SSM). We are active members of the Board or committees of a number of these organisations. We support those employees who seek to fulfil a wider role in society by taking on external roles. This benefits society and enhances their network and professional skills. In addition to these formal positions, Redevco employees are also regularly invited to speak at conferences and participate in panel discussions. In this way we also provide a positive contribution to the sector through knowledge sharing. Enabling our employees to do so also resonates with the outcome of the materiality assessment, where employee engagement and enablement scores highly.