Our responsible investment beliefs


As a business, Redevco is very proud of its heritage and strong values. We are committed to contributing in a consistent way to the mission of our holding company by staying true to our “Business in Balance” principle: a holistic approach to corporate responsibility, encompassing people, the planet and profit.

Business in Balance reflects our principle of carefully considering the impact of our activities on the environment as well as on the community. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and the properties we manage by reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and continuing to futureproof the assets under management.


We are currently exploring the ways to make our offices and our assets under management carbon neutral as we see this as an important step towards achieving our ambitions and to have measurable impact.

Our Sustainability team

Redevco’s Board sponsors our responsible investment approach, which is managed by our Sustainable Business Operations department.

Located in Amsterdam, the Sustainable Business Operations team is primarily responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the execution of the sustainability initiatives for the assets under management.

Furthermore, this team drives Redevco's ambition to operate as a sustainable platform by setting corporate standards, namely in the areas of energy consumption, air travel and company cars.