We’re already reducing our own impact.

Our own office operations also have an impact on the environment, so we have implemented a number of measures to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations. At the same we believe we have a broader responsibility to the communities in which we operate. We want to act responsibly and also ‘give back’ and go beyond ‘simply’ maximising our operational sustainability.

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We are continuously improving the environmental performance of our offices through different measures e.g. LED lighting, separating our waste, installing smart meters. The offices in Brussels and Düsseldorf relocated in the summer of 2018 to locations with significantly less square meters and where a number of measures were taken to decrease the environmental impact.

Employee well being

Employee well-being

The health and well-being of our colleagues is important to us and expressed through various initiatives and benefits organised both locally and centrally. In terms of office fit out this includes ergonomic chairs, flexible/standing desks, double screens and headsets, quiet areas and plants/living walls. Health benefits in some of our countries also include regular health checks, gym subscriptions, free fruit, filtered water and yoga or massage in the office.



In 2019 company cars were responsible for 29% of total emissions. Redevco has already taken several measures to reduce company car emissions and we evaluate our company car policy (specifically the emissions cap), every two years. In 2018, we lowered the emissions cap for company cars from 125 to 110 g CO2 per km.

Impact on society

Impact on society

Our employees play an active role in proposing charities we support through the Redevco Foundation. Each of these initiatives is intended to have some degree of positive societal, environmental or cultural impact for the respective stakeholder group that is targeted.

Corporate giving

Corporate giving

Redevco is convinced that businesses have a broader responsibility to the communities in which they operate. Through the Redevco Foundation and by offering our employees a volunteering day per year for a charitable organisation of their choice, we have created an opportunity to ‘give back’ and go beyond ‘simply’ maximising our operational sustainability.

Employee development

Employee development

We live and work in a dynamic world which requires constant learning and adaptation from us all. We stimulate continuous professional development through global and local initiatives. In May 2019 we launched the Redevco Skills Builder. This 24/7 online learning portal offers a wide variety of training opportunities, with a direct link to our business needs.

Sustainability initiatives from our employees

Travel awareness

Travel Awareness Month

In February 2020 we organised a Travel Awareness Month to raise awareness for the amount of business travel we undertake and to make an effort to reduce travel emissions. Colleagues were challenged to reduce their air travel and car use by 20%, by using other modes of transport and by replacing in-person gatherings by other types of meetings, e.g. videoconferencing or Skype.

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Step Challenge

In June 2020 we competed against our sister company Bregal in a step challenge. The aim was to get the high score in number of steps in two weeks’ time. As an extra motivation we added the possibility of supporting a charity organisation with this team challenge.

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Vitality week

A highlight on the topic of health and well-being in the Amsterdam office in 2019 was the first edition of the ‘Vitality Week’ which saw 45 employees being offered daily activities and information on how to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle at home and in the office.

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Week without meat

Each year the Amsterdam office participates in the Dutch initiative the week without meat. During this week we offer vegetarian lunches and educate our employees in how to make conscious decisions in their diets.

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Bike to work

Each year the Swiss team participates in the swiss wide “Bike to Work” initiative where people commit to cycle to work by bike at least 50% of the working days: healthy and CO2 saving.

Belgium team cleaning

World Cleanup Day

In September 2019, 19 colleagues from the Belgian team collaborated with C&A and other retailers to clean up Rue Neuve, the main shopping street in Brussels to support World Cleanup Day.