Refurbishment of the entire building with a new design of the façade

Gerbergasse 2, Zurich, Switzerland

Redevco completes redeveloped c&a flagship store in zurich


The project involved urgently needed reinstatement works and a significant enhancement of the façade. The building has now a more transparent look because we increased the glazing of the façade and we improved the insulation. Updated and more energy efficient technical installations were installed, like: cooling & ventilation systems, lighting, elevators. The escalators are according to current standard.

Energy performance

The energy use will be reduced due to the better insulated façade, more energy efficient technical installations as well as the LED lighting which was installed by the tenant.  

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Photo: David Biedert

Key measures

  • Fundamental optimization of life cycle costs
  • Energy efficient elevators and escalators (ThyssenKrupp).
  • Refurbishment of (historic) building façade.
  • Optimization of health & wellbeing qualities (e.g. lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort) for Primark staff and clients
  • Realization of water-saving toilets, taps and other sanitary installations.